Natalia Futekova was part of the jury at the b2b Media Annual Awards

22/07/2019 Business, Education

Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova was part of the jury during the b2b Media Annual Awards. More than 70 projects competed in the fifth edition of the b2b Media Annual Awards, marking a record-breaking interest in the event. Awards for more than 20 categories competed with organizations that have significant achievements, as well as innovative, creative and socially responsible projects. The participants are from different sectors in Bulgaria. The grand prize of the contest was presented by the media group ofRead More

Natalia Futekova is guest of “Women talk” with Aneta Savova

22/07/2019 Business, Education

Natalia Futekova is guest of “Women talk” with Aneta Savova. A conversation about business, education, personal development and things in life. How do you find yourself in the information technology industry 20 years before becoming a hit like today? How is change governed in a world in which it is routine? Do you choose between effective and proven solutions that are a generator of productivity and business results, or are they relying on innovation and risk-taking? How much intuition isRead More

Natalia Futekova is part of the prestigious jury of the Bulgaria’s Best Career Awards – Career Show Awards

19/06/2019 Business

Bulgaria’s prestigious Best Careers Awards – Career Show Awards announced the jury list. Among the names of the selected is Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova, Managing Partner of the software company ERP.BG. Organizers have trusted her for her professionalism, expertise, and long-standing business experience. “Career Show Awards are much more than prizes. They are an inexhaustible source of ideas, and examples of great employers’ practices that we hope will inspire everyone. We trust a jury of experts in various fields andRead More

Natalia Futekova is among the lecturers of the Business Lady Excellence 2019 Forum

30/05/2019 Business

Natalia Futekova will be among the speakers at the Business Lady Excellence Forum, part of the Smart talks initiative and the annual Business Lady and Business Lady Awards. The main theme of the inspiring forum, which will be held on June 12 in the Sofia Hall of the Marinella Hotel, is “Women in business are the new reality”. According to the organizers, we live in a time when new trends are emerging towards women in business, and ladies are playingRead More

PROF. DR. NATALIA FUTEKOVA IS THE NEW MANAGING BOARD MEMBER OF Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies BAIT

12/04/2019 Business, Education

Prof. Natalia Futekova is the new member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT). It successfully combines entrepreneurial careers in technology with academic and scientific work, as well as active participation in educational and other social causes. Her research interests are in the development of ERP systems and other business software solutions, business management and information systems deployment. Natalia Futekova is actively involved in various initiatives in support of education, culture and entrepreneurship. She isRead More