Led by the desire for change and the desire to help students to be successful in Bulgaria, Assoc. Prof. Natalia Futekova has founded the ERP Academy. The leading idea for its creation is to add practical value to the educational system and to make future world-class professionals in Bulgaria to motivate them and to give them the opportunity for future development in one of the most promising areas of the economy.

ERP Academy is an innovative project of companies from the ERP branch in Bulgaria that unite efforts to make higher education closer to the real needs of the business, and future employees – as fully prepared for the labour market in the areas of business management and IT.

The partners in ERP Academy are leading Bulgarian and global business software companies as well as experts from the field, aiming at supporting the training and training of personnel in the particular ERP branch, stimulating joint initiatives with the educational institutions and promoting the sector as an appropriate place for career development.
More and more companies in our industry are starting to make their own initiatives to add value to the learning process and for this reason, we have created an ERP Academy that aims to spread ERP knowledge globally.




More and more companies are introducing different business software classes and as a result, the ERP industry senses the increasing shortage of staff involved in selling such solutions, along with project management, integration with the available customer systems and future development and support.

ERP Academy provides the opportunity for career development in one of the most prosperous sectors.
The first step in the ERP Academy is the creation of the Master’s program of “Business Software and ERP Platforms.”
Together with Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF), ERP Academy created the first Master’s program in ERP Systems in Bulgaria, aimed at training students with economic education to prepare them for becoming business consultants. “Business Software and ERP Platforms” is a unique Master’s program in Bulgaria that is fully focused on the rapidly developing sector of business management systems.

In the Master’s program some of the best ERP lecturers in Bulgaria have been brought together, representatives of some of the largest Bulgarian companies for the development and implementation of business software – ERP.BG, Balkan Services, Tim VISION Bulgaria, SAP, Oracle, BG Business Solutions and others, as well as leading experts in project management, business process management, marketing, finance, online business, and other relevant to the areas of the industry.

Within the Master’s program and its courses, students familiarize themselves with the most popular business management systems, created by Bulgarian and foreign developers which allows them to gain extensive experience with a variety of business software solutions and to learn more about how they work.

The partner companies of ERP Academy provide the students with opportunities for traineeships and internships.
The second step in the activity of ERP Academy is the support and assistance in creating the first in Bulgaria and Europe Bachelor’s program in Business Software. It is called “IT Analysis and Business Strategies” and was created by VUZF in partnership with leading companies in the sector of Business Management Systems. In that way, the program combines the academic potential of VUZF with the practical experience of long-time managers and specialists of the area.

The program will prepare consultants for the implementation, sales, development, and maintenance of business management systems. The program has an economic profile and is suitable for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the field of information technology without being a programmer.

Graduates of the Bachelor’s program “IT Analysis and Business Strategies” will be specialists in implementing software solutions. They will be able to make a successful career both in business software companies and in the IT departments of manufacturing companies, banks, retail chains and other businesses using business management systems as well as in foreign companies. At present, the demand for qualified staff in the field is extremely high, and the pay of such specialists is well above the national average.




The mission of ERP Academy is to add practical value to the education system by:

Creating unique programs for Bulgaria and Europe focused on the training of career managers in the sector of business software;

• Sending guest lecturers from the ERP branch to appropriate disciplines to increase the efficiency of learning processes;

Creating textbooks and various tools that can easily be integrated into the teaching process of the subjects studied in the universities;

Different practical courses for ERP systems;

Preparing the people from the branch for development in scientific activity, through a high- quality training program for Ph.D. students and others;

Ensuring traineeship and work experience in ERP companies in Bulgaria.

Sofia, bul. Stoletov 11, ent. B, floor 1
phone: +359 2 95 15 939
e-mail: info@erpacademy.bg

web: www.erpacademy.bg