Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova is a managing partner of – one of the leading Bulgarian companies for business software development. She combines successfully her entrepreneurial career in the sphere of technologies with her academic and scientific work, along with active participation in educational and other types of social causes. Her scientific interests are in the areas of the development of ERP systems and other business software solutions, business management and the implementation of information systems.

Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova participates actively in different initiatives in support of education, culture and entrepreneurship. She is a member of the jury of the initiative “Innovators in education” and also a mentor of Start it Smart, where she provides guidance to young entrepreneurs to develop and achieve their ideas through personal mentor meetings, advice, strategic partnerships, provision of key resources etc.

In 2015, Natalia Futekova established ERP Academy – an innovative project of companies from the ERP sector in Bulgaria, which combine their efforts in the aim of bringing higher education closer to the actual needs of the business and the future employees – fully prepared for the work market in the areas of Business Management and IT. In collaboration with “Higher School of Finance and Insurance”, they created the postgraduate course “Business Software and ERP platforms”, which is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. Moreover, they created the first in Europe undergraduate course “IT analysis and business strategies”.

Natalia Futekova has two Bachelor’s degrees – one in “Economics and Communications” and one in “Accounting”, Master’s degree of “Economics and Communications” from UNWE and a Ph.D. degree from the same university with a degree of “Use of computing equipment in Economics”. In 2016, she obtained the title Docent and a few months later she was awarded from Junior Chamber International – Bulgaria for the program “Academic achievements and leadership”. The project is part of the world-famous format “The Outstanding Young Persons – TOYP. Natalia Futekova has also received a nomination in the international format of TOYP.

Since 2017, Natalia Futekova has been a member of the board of directors of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies. In February 2021, she was appointed Director of the Information and Communication Technologies Division in Laboratory for Applied Scientific Research (VUZF Lab) to the University of finance, business and entrepreneurship (VUZF University).

For 11 years, she was the main assistant in the department of “Information technologies and Communications”, faculty of “Applied Informatics and Statistics” in UNWE (University of National and World Economy (UNWE). Some of the courses she has taught there are “Management of Customer Relations”, “Systems for Resource Management of Enterprises”, “Informatics”, “Human Resource Management in ERP” and “Systems for management of customer relations”.