At the official ceremony for awarding annual HR awards to the Bulgarian Association for Management of Human Resources, ERP Academy received the award for the best project for the integration of education in business. The Academy of Contemporary Business won the Masters Prize “Business Analysis and ERP Solutions”, which was created in partnership with the Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF).

VUZF and ERP Academy create the master’s program “Business Analysis and ERP Solutions”, provoked by the fact that there are a number of universities in Bulgaria that prepare programmers, but there is no specialization focused on the process of implementation of business management systems. A field in which professionals need to understand both software and accounting and finance, business process management and many other areas.

Master’s program is the first of its kind in Bulgaria, which prepares highly sought after and valued business software consultants. With it, students are realized not as programmers, but as professionals in the implementation, sales and maintenance of high-end business management solutions – professions that are becoming more and more sought after in the world. The program has an economic focus, but focuses on how information technology helps to strengthen modern enterprises that strive to achieve their strategic priorities through the use of new technologies.

The Master Program has collected some of the best ERP lecturers in Bulgaria, representatives of some of the largest Bulgarian companies for development and implementation of business software – ERP.BG, Balkan Services, Tim VISION Bulgaria, SAP, Oracle, BG Buseness Solutions and others, as well as leading experts in project management, business process management, marketing, finance, online business, and other industry-relevant areas.

Within the Master’s and Curriculum, students get acquainted with the most popular business management systems created by Bulgarian and foreign developers, allowing them to gain extensive experience with a variety of business software solutions, learning more about how they work.

VUZF and ERP Academy provide opportunities for career development and career development in one of the most prosperous sectors. Partnerships between the two institutions provide opportunities for student internships and work, which show good results during the course.