Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova, a guest of the Investbook TV program Bulgaria, where she talked about the first of its kind ERP Masters and the Joint Career Development Initiative of Business Software Students with HR Company JobTiger RECRUITMENT.

Master’s Program “Business Analysis and ERP Solutions”, implemented by ERP Academy in partnership with Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF), is the first of its kind in Bulgaria, which prepares highly sought after and valued business software consultants. With it, students are realized not as programmers, but as professionals in the implementation, sales and maintenance of high-end business management solutions – professions that are becoming more and more sought after in the world. The program has an economic focus, but focuses on how information technology helps to strengthen modern enterprises that strive to achieve their strategic priorities through the use of new technologies.

Among the lectors in the Master’s program are specialists from SAP, Oracle Academy, ERP.BG, Balkan Services, BG Business Solutions, SBS, Team Vision, Tame Chaos Consultaners, NearSoft Europe and others who unite to provide quality training for consultants in business software. The lectors are representatives of some of the most successful companies in the sector in Bulgaria, as well as consultants from leading international companies, who introduce students to the newest of the fastest growing digital transformation of business.

The Masters Program “Business Analysis and ERP Solutions” builds strongly on the Western model of teaching, requiring students to solve real business case studies and role-playing. The program includes training in some of the most promising areas of business software such as ERP, CRM, BPM (Business Process Management), business analytics and large data management, unified communications, mobile applications, Internet of Things (Internet of Things), business communications, and more.

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