In the month of the female students from the Sofia high school PAGAV “AS Popov “meet with different women to serve as a good example of the girls in modern society. They also examine the examples of inspiring women who have remained their deep and lasting imprint in Bulgaria’s history. The initiative is the school’s pedagogical counselor Mrs. Tatyana Petrova, which aims to show the young girls the image of a successful and happy woman, different from the one imposed in the public space.

A special guest of the students from PGAVT “AS Popov “was Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova – a lector with many years of experience, a mentor in various programs and managing partner of a software company. She told the school girls the inspirational story of her distant relative, Raina Popgeorgieva Futekova-Dipcheva, known as Rayna Knyaginya, the Bulgarian teacher, and the first graduate midwife in Bulgaria which sew the main rebellion flag of the Panagyurish Revolutionary District for the April Uprising.

In the last months, Natalia Futekova actively supports the various initiatives of the students of PGAVT “AS”. Popov “. The school has successfully functioning the Students’ Parliament, which is a voluntary organization for the self-government of the pupils of PGAVT “AS Popov” on a voluntary basis. It presents students’ ideas and helps to organize and implement initiatives through which students develop and validate their knowledge in the educational process, personal creative qualities and skills, as well as other initiatives and forms of organized general and extra-curricular activities. PGAVT’s parliamentary school has been in existence for more than 13 years. She has excellent partnerships with the school leadership, which together realize different projects. The Student Parliament consists of a board of directors and a general assembly. The Board of Directors includes distinguished students with excellent social and personal qualities, and all members of the class are involved in the general meeting.