What are the trends in the world of high technology – business management systems or so- ERP Systems commented in the studio of Investbook with Velko Kamenov, managing partner of ERP.BG Natalia Futekova.

“In recent years there has been a boom in technology. The market is increasingly opening up to IT solutions, because it really optimizes business, saves costs, and generally makes companies more competitive. In recent years, the myth that ERP systems have been created for large corporations only. Systems are much more affordable for small companies. There is definitely a boom of such software solutions on our market in the past 2-3 years,” Futekova summarizes.

ERP systems are widely used in the manufacturing sector, and it is rare for companies in the sphere not to implement such software solutions in their practice, she said.

The main problem faced by the industry is the lack of personnel and the misunderstanding by management of a number of companies of the need to use cloud technologies. “Many managers worry that their data will be uploaded to the cloud. We will try to make business-oriented educational events, experts have to talk about it so businessmen can be more prepared on the subject, “she said.

A detailed commentary on the topic of implementation of ERP technology in business, innovation in the field, and what are the prospects for cooperation with the public and private educational institutions in the sector, see the video at this address.