PROF. DR. NATALIA FUTEKOVA IS THE NEW MANAGING BOARD MEMBER OF Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies BAIT


Prof. Natalia Futekova is the new member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT). It successfully combines entrepreneurial careers in technology with academic and scientific work, as well as active participation in educational and other social causes. Her research interests are in the development of ERP systems and other business software solutions, business management and information systems deployment.

Natalia Futekova is actively involved in various initiatives in support of education, culture and entrepreneurship. She is a member of the “Innovators in Education” jury, as well as a mentor in the Start It Smart pre-iteration, where she helps young entrepreneurs develop and implement their ideas through personal mentoring meetings, counseling, strategic partnerships, providing key resources, and more .

In 2015 Natalia Futekova founded the ERP Academy – an innovative project of companies from the ERP branch in Bulgaria, which unite efforts to make higher education closer to the real needs of the business and the future employees as fully prepared for the labor market in the sphere of business management and IT. Together with Higher School of Insurance and Finance, they create the master program “Business Analysis and ERP Solutions”, which is the first of its kind in Bulgaria. In October 2016, has been awarded for “Academic Achievement or Leadership” by Junior Chamber International – Bulgaria. The project is part of the world-famous format The Outstanding Young Persons – TOYP (“The Most Outstanding Young People”). Natalia Futekova also received a nomination for the international format TOYP, in which she will take part with prominent personalities from all over the world.

The Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) is the largest, most representative and influential branch organization in the sphere of information and communication technologies in Bulgaria. In early June the association elected a new management and control council for the next two years. Ognyan Trayanov was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of BAIT and among the members were Petar Ivanov, Nikolay Avramov, Elena Marinova, Lili Radeva, Stoyan Boev, Dimitar Dimitrov, Radoslav Gaydarski, Svetozar Iliev, Boyko Yaramov, Nikolay Angov and Vesela Kalacheva – Executive Director of BAIT. The General Assembly of BAIT elected a control council with a mandate of 2017-2019, with Teodor Zahov being elected as chairman, and among the members are Milcho Borov, Nikolay Iliev, Veselin Todorov, Irina Radoeva, Petar Stefanov and Yordan Yordanov.

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