Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova participated actively in various initiatives in support of education, culture and entrepreneurship. In 2015, he founded the ERP Academy – an innovative project of companies from the ERP branch in Bulgaria, which united efforts to make higher education closer to the real needs of the business and the future employees who are as close as possible to the labor market in the sphere of business management and IT.

“After the undisputed success and strong interest in the Business and ERP solutions, not only from Bulgarian but also from foreign students, one year later we decided to create a bachelor’s program. “IT Analysis and Business Strategies” is the first of its kind bachelor’s program in Bulgaria and Europe, which prepares highly sought after and valued business software consultants. With it, students will be realized not as programmers, but as professionals in the implementation, sales and maintenance of high-end business management solutions – professions that are becoming more and more popular worldwide. The program was created by VUZF in partnership with leading companies in the segment of business management systems. In this way, the program combines the academic potential of VUZF with the practical experience of long-time managers and specialists in the branch. “

In the new edition of “Business Lady”, Prof. Natalia Futekova talks more about the mission of the academy, the long-term goals, the challenges and the economy of the future.

“We have set up ERP Academy, driven by the idea of ​​adding practical value to the education system to create world-class professionals in Bulgaria who are motivated and have the opportunity to develop into one of the most promising areas of the economy of the future, said Prof. Natalia Futekova in front of the publication.

You can read all the material with Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova in the new edition of Business Lady Magazine.