Natalia Futekova presented the trends in IT in front of students in Samokov

Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova – Managing Partner at the software company ERP.BG, visited the Sofia University “Father Paisiy”, where presented to the students the tendencies for development in the IT sphere. The invitation was at the initiative of Lucy Burzanova of the Health, Ecology, Tourism Association as part of their long-term policy related to supporting Bulgarian education.

University employs teachers who are familiar with current trends in teaching methodology in relevant subjects and strive to respond to the needs, capabilities and abilities of today’s generation of students to the fullest. Priority in their work is the use of new technologies in the educational process, and meetings with business representatives aim to give added value to the educational process.

The main focus of the lecture of Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova was that business is increasingly looking for people who understand and use innovative technologies to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of companies. As a representative of one of the fastest growing sectors, she didn`t missed to mention that, in the dynamic times we live in, contrary to expectations that digitalization will displace people, trends show otherwise. The role of the critical thinking person will become increasingly important, and technology will automate much of the more basic activities.