Natalia Futekova will participate in the National Conference on e-Education

Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova, Managing Partner at ERP.BG Software Company and Member of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Association for Information Technology (BAIT), Higher Education Directorate, will participate in the 15th National Conference on e-Education, organized by ICT Media on October 24th at 09:00 in Sofia Hotel Balkan.

The event is aimed at representatives of pre-school, school and higher education, principals, deputy directors, rectors, deputy rectors, deans, deputy deans and other experts representing representatives of government institutions operating in the field of education. The official guests at the opening of the conference will be Maria Gabriel – European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Digital Society and Eng. Tanya Mihailova – Deputy Minister of Education and Science.

The conference will feature digital resources for STEM education from the Virtual School Cabinet of Mathematics, developed at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

The demonstration will include resources for all age groups with emphasis: providing research conditions and self-discovery of patterns, solving applied problems with digital models, co-teaching maths and fine arts, test and self-study materials.