ERP.BG has announced a program to support Bulgarian business

Bulgarian business management systems developer ERP.BG has announced that all its customers who pay a subscription fee for its merchandise management software products will be able to use it for one month free of charge. The measure is in line with the stringent measures announced in our country in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It applies only to jobs in retail outlets.

“Physical objects will suffer the most from these unprecedented measures, and I think it is important for all their partners to come together to support them. We are aware that this is just a drop in the sea of ​​costs that these businesses face. But we all need to take jointly our responsibility for their survival. In addition to human tragedy, the coronavirus is a purely economic threat to our society”, said Ivan Argentinski, Managing Partner at ERP.BG.

According to him, the digitalisation of business is crucial for increasing its efficiency and in the coming difficult times for the economy it will become even more visible.

“When traditional physical object companies are forced to change their business models urgently, they need to avoid crowdsourcing, home deliveries, and more employees working from home, software platforms can play a key role . That is why I urge other IT companies to facilitate access to their solutions as this crisis continues“, added Ivan Argentinski.