Natalia Futekova was part of the jury at the b2b Media Annual Awards

Prof. Dr. Natalia Futekova was part of the jury during the b2b Media Annual Awards.

More than 70 projects competed in the fifth edition of the b2b Media Annual Awards, marking a record-breaking interest in the event.

Awards for more than 20 categories competed with organizations that have significant achievements, as well as innovative, creative and socially responsible projects. The participants are from different sectors in Bulgaria.

The grand prize of the contest was presented by the media group of the most innovative of all companies with the most dynamic development and the most creative campaigns. This year GrandPrix shared a United Bulgarian Bank and Evrotrust Technologies JSC.

For the fifth year, b2b Media has distinguished not only businesses and their individual projects, but also the most creative corporate offices, the most exciting outdoor spaces, as well as educational projects in business, vision investors, innovative buildings, mobile and technological innovations.

The prestigious jury appreciated sustainable and innovative behavior, massive investments, significant deals, originality of ideas, implementation efficiency, innovation in terms of products and services, as well as innovation in the way they were communicated.